MC Neil D

Here’s some bespoke events I’ve been involved with over the years as an MC, Ringmaster & Producer.

“The Boomtown Games” Boomtown Fair, Winchester, 2016

The very first BOOMTOWN GAMES judged by our glorious ruler: Comrade JOSE. Watch as the Barrio Loco gangs compete to rule the neighbourhood in deadly circus battles where all tricks are allowed: behold THE BASSLINERS vs THE VAMPS vs THE BANDITS The first gang to win 3 battles gets the keys to the favela and the exclusive Vamos Villas!  A 40 minute show down of Circus Battles thu/fri/sat on Barrio Loco’s Bassline Plaza ….Waiting in the shadows, the Bandit Queen is planning to unite the gangs and overthrow Jose’s regime…

I was heavily involved with this from the early stages of development, producing and editting the soundtrack, writing all lyrical & narrative content (apart from Eva Lazarus’s verses of course!) & also helping develop the show structure alongside Script Writer & Director, Bex Anson. Bio of the event and my involvement on this project coming soon.

Here’s the finale where Eva Lazarus, known in the show as “The Bandit Queen”, grabs the mic off me & challenges the establishment to a Rap Battle…

A short documentary from BMS TV on Eva Lazarus’s performances at Boomtown 2016 also features interviews with myself and Eva talking more about this incredible show.  Watch the documentary here

Check out there stunning Pictures here, taken by Nadia Otshudi

Athletes of the Night – Fusion Festival, Germany 2015

World-class teams of Urban Athletes go head to head in an adrenaline-pumped showdown of competitive circus battles, where every trick is allowed and the winner takes all. Featuring: Rope offs, Bungee fights, Flaming mini-bikes & Cyr wheel battles; Plus: extra special airborne interventions dropped on the party’s fiercest beats throughout the dark hours. Big Sound Bad Ass Tricks No Holds Barred Jump up and make some noise for the Athletes Of The Night!

More info and bio on my involvement on this one coming soon.

Pictures here, taken by Nadia Otshudi

Athletes of the Night – Boomtown Fair, Winchester 2015

World-class teams of urban athletes go head to head in an adrenaline pumped showdown of competitive circus battles where every trick is allowed and the winner takes all. Featuring rope-offs, bungee fights, fire ring Bike jumps, record breaking spinning (aerial and Cyr wheel) and Krump battles, these contests will be dropped on the rave’s fiercest beats throughout the dark hours. Jump Up and Make some noise for the…Athletes Of The Night!

I hosted as MC / REF for the ‘Hoop Off’ and ‘Rope Off Battles’, taking place before the headliner of each night in arena.

More detail on my involvement with this show coming soon.

View the event Pictures here, taken by Nadia Otshudi


85A’s Herbaceous Barbershop – Fusion Festival, Germany 2015


‘Drop them bones down on our fully rotating Barber’s chair and let our specialist stylist imagine and instigate you a new look for that thing above your face. In the meantime feast on shots of wheatgrass juice or even have a graze from the head itself as you boogie away to the mighty grooves laid down by our Herbaceous DJs.’

Here’s a showreel of Herbaceous Barbershop in action.  Rap and soundtrack written & recorded by Neil D:


For this event I opened the stage each night with a rap I wrote bespoke for the event, hosting the venue each night and Deejayin D&B & Jungle till the early hours with the wildest, craziest Herbaceous Barbers alongside some huge names in the circuit.

See more outstanding productions from 85A here at

Secret Garden Party 2012 – 85A’s “The Crusher”

Writing & hosting lyrical & narrative content for a crazy show at the Secret Garden Party, sacrificing punters in the belly of the beast, ‘Master Mumu!’

See more about 85A’s “The Crusher” on their website here

More information & bio of my involvement with the event coming soon.